Mitch Kleiman & Susan Marpet

Taking you through their exodus from Russia to their back-breaking work in the bakery, this is the story of how Mitch and Susie built a life and family in the heart of Brooklyn’s immigrant community.

Caption: Wedding of Mitch Kleiman and Susie Marpet, circa 1925

Growing up in Brooklyn

Herb tells stories of his earliest childhood memories living above the bakery; the time spent with friends at Howard Avenue and Hutchinson Court; and his experiences at Lincoln High School.

Caption: Herb as a young boy

The extended family

Herb describes the multi-generational household experience that was common in Brooklyn at the time and his memories of WWII.

Caption: Itzak (Izzy) surrounded by family

A passion for science

With the guidance of the Dean of Men at Lincoln High School, Herb begins his quest to pursue his love of the sciences – which takes him to MIT, then Purdue and, ultimately, a career at Lincoln Lab.

Caption: Herb participating in Berkeley’s graduation

Life with Liz

How does a Jew from Brooklyn meet and marry a Methodist Hoosier?

Caption: Wedding of Herb Kleiman and Liz Eskew, Indiana 1960