Getting started

To get an Audivi website for you or someone you know, complete the information on the Contact page. This will indicate the Audivi subject (the person to be interviewed) and his/her address. Once the form is completed, the interviews will be set up.

1. Interviews

Interviews are conducted in-person at the individual’s home or another quiet location suitable for audiotaping. Interviews generally last 30 minutes – 1 hour. Subsequent visits are scheduled as necessary, depending on the extent of the website and the pace of the interviews. Basic one-page Audivi sites are generally completed with a single interview. A multi-page site may require an additional meeting.

Interview topics may be suggested by the Audivi subject or his/her family. If none are suggested, the interview covers parents, grandparents, growing up, schooling, professional life, getting married, raising a family, world events.

2. Story development

After the interviews are complete, the audio is carefully edited and spliced into short stories, with each audio clip lasting between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. The stories are arranged into themes and laid out for either a one-page Audivi site or a multi-page Audivi site.

Each page of an Audivi site includes up to 15 stories. With a one-page Audivi site, the 15 stories cover various time periods in the person’s life. With a multi-page site, each page of the site covers a different time period or chapter of the person’s life. 

3. Photo selection

Families can pre-select photos to be preserved on the Audivi site or compile them after the interviews are completed. Audivi will generate a list of suggested photos to include on the site based on the topics covered during the interview. Each page of the site can include up to 10 photos or other documents.

Families can upload the materials directly to the Audivi Dropbox or they can mail them to Audivi to be scanned and uploaded for an additional fee. All items will be returned to the family once they have been scanned and uploaded.

4. Website development

The stories, audio clips and photos are arranged onto a professionally developed, personalized website. A one-page Audivi site includes a total of up to 15 stories & 10 photos. A multi-page site includes up to 15 stories & 10 photos per page plus a homepage that provides an overview of the time periods/chapters. For an additional fee, written transcripts of the stories can accompany the audio clips on the final Audivi site.

Personal Audivi sites are accessible through the company Audivi page (above, “Audivi Sites”) and can be password-protected or not. Website hosting is provided through Audivi.​ Families may buy a thumb drive of the site and/or choose to host the site separately.




How much does it cost?

Audivi sites can be as extensive or abbreviated as the family desires. A one-page Audivi site provides an overview of the stories of a lifetime whereas a multi-page Audivi site offers an in-depth chapter by chapter exploration of a person’s life. The basic format of the site (one-page v. multi-page) is the main driver for the interview process, questions and pricing, and is determined before the interviews begin.

Audivi pricing covers the interview and recording process; editing and splicing of the audio files; arrangement of audio clips into stories, themes & chapters; design and arrangement of site; integration and arrangement of photos into site; professional web design of final Audivi site; and on-going maintenance and hosting of the site. Individuals living further than 30 miles from Concord, MA will incur an additional travel fee for the interviews.

One-page Audivi site: $750

Multi-page Audivi site: $1,500 for 2-page site (includes homepage plus 2 pages/chapters). Each additional page/chapter: $500.


Transcripts. The transcript for each story can also be included on a site with the audio clips. Cost: addional $500 per page. 

Hard cover storybook/photo album. A hard cover storybook/photo album can be made for each Audivi site. It includes all of the site’s stories & pictures and, like the site, is arranged into chapters and themes. Cost: Audivi site charges (above) with transcript charge ($500 per page) plus $500 for the album.

Brief family tree. A brief family tree can be created for the site to identify individuals referenced in the stories. It is included as a separate page on the site. Cost: $150

Client-recorded interview. If audio recordings already exist for an individual, Audivi can edit and prepare the recording for an Audivi site. The cost will depend on the quality of the recordings, the length of the recordings and the desired length of the Audivi site.