Audivi memory banks

Capturing memories before they fade.

Keeping them accessible forever.

If you are concerned about memory loss or passing down your legacy, Audivi memory banks can help!

Memory banks for memory loss:

Provide on-going access to memories even after they fade. 

Offset the disorientation, anxiety & depression often associated with memory loss.

Offer tool/activity for caregivers to connect with client.

Memory banks to pass down legacy:

Keep stories & photos in one easy-to-access location. 

Preserve voices – perhaps the most powerful & transportative gift of all.

Teaches resilience by letting kids know the ups and downs of the past. 

Don't wait to get started!

There are 3 ways to create a memory bank:

Use Audivi's app to record & create memory banks.

Download the app, create a memory bank and save all the memories you like. Record one memory at a time or several from one conversation. It's all in your hands.
$ 19
one-time app charge. no monthly fees
  • Unlimited memory storage.

Record conversation & let us create a memory bank.

Send us your unedited audio file & we will turn it into a memory bank (editing extraneous content). Access & add photos or more memories through the app.
$ 75
per 30-minute recording edited by Audivi
  • Includes app with unlimited memory storage.

Audivi records, edits, creates bank for you.

Audivi conducts 30-minute interview (in-person or zoom-based) & posts curated memories to memory bank. Access & add photos or more memories through the app.
$ 250 per 30-minute interview
  • Includes app with unlimited memory storage.
  • Audio memories can be re-recorded and photos can be changed at any time.
  • Memory banks are set to public or private. Privacy settings can be changed at any time.
  • Memory banks are accessed through Audivi’s app. Only select memory banks are maintained on the ‘Memory Banks’ page of Audivi’s website. 
  • A memory (or memory bank) can be deleted at any time. Once a memory/memory bank is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.

Save memories in 4 easy steps with Audivi's app:

1. Start a memory bank
2. Record a memory
3. Upload a photo
4. Set privacy settings

See the benefits of an Audivi memory bank in action

What our clients are saying:

Our Story

There were 3 things that inspired me to create Audivi:

  1. First of all, my mother has loads of great stories from across her lifetime. We hear many of them again and again – and can cite some of them verbatim – but I know that won’t always be the case. As her memory fades, so will the stories. Someday, they will be forgotten – for her and for us.
  2. In addition, I saw my wedding video and was struck by my father’s voice. I realized it was the only place that we had a recording of him speaking. Even though we could hardly see him in the film, it didn’t matter. Hearing his voice transported me back to him.
  3. Finally, I wondered how best to take care of my mother’s memorabilia: a letter from her father when she was young, a 1947 ticket for passage to Europe, old portraits of her great-great grandparents, and so much more. These items, tucked away in my mother’s desk drawer, are likely to be lost over time and are certainly under-appreciated even now. 

And so I decided to put them all together: my mother’s voice telling her stories combined with the beautiful old photos. A great listening experience that would keep us connected to her and her past.

Then, something unexpected happened. I played the memories for my mother who has short-term memory loss and saw that experiencing the memories gave her great joy. It enabled her to revisit and re-experience her favorite memories again and again. In an increasingly confusing day-to-day reality, her memories help her feel grounded and connected. Keeping memories accessible to those losing their memories seemed so obvious.

Audivi has now created a memory banking app to make it easy and affordable for everyone to capture memories and keep that critical lifeline to the past alive. We hope you will join us in creating memory banks for all!

Kristin Nelson, MA, CDP

CEO and Founder

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