What is an Audivi Portrait?


Portraits are an audio-visual rendering of an individual based on their memories. Portraits capture the storyteller’s voice & emotion and use still images to bring the memories to life. Let the voice & images transport your imagination and rekindle the memory.​

Always available

Portraits are permanently hosted on Audivi’s website – with no annual fee. Family stories & photos are just a click away from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Not lost in a drawer, buried in a book, nor gathering dust on a shelf. Everything is easy to access on the web. 

Easy to enjoy

Portraits showcase memories in a short, accessible format, making them easy to explore and enjoy. Each story is edited into a short audio vignette (between 30-120 seconds long) and paired with an image. Listen to a single story or play a sequence of stories all at once. 

Connecting across generations

An Audivi portrait captures words of wisdom, stories about growing up, coming to America, 

and precious photos.

Bridge the generational gap now AND preserve the information for generations to come with an portrait. 

Connecting within communities

An Audivi portrait shares a person’s stories to help them be better known within a retirement community or across a team of caregivers.

Come to know the people, places & stories that have mattered most to a person through a portrait.

Connecting with loved ones

An Audivi portrait offers a powerful, immersive way to remember people & rekindle memories – even for those with memory loss.

Let the voice & images of a portrait 

transport you through time & space.

Bridge the generational gap now AND preserve the information for generations to come with an portrait. 

Come to know the people, places & stories that have mattered most to a person through a portrait.

Let the voice & images of a portrait transport you through  time & space.

Our Mission

Audivi’s mission is to capture a person’s memories and keep them accessible in a personalized, audio-visual digital ‘portrait’. Portraits combine short, audio vignettes & photos to showcase the stories of a lifetime in an interactive, captivating manner. Permanently hosted on Audivi’s website, the portraits are always just a click away from anyone, anywhere, at anytime – making them easy to explore & enjoy. 

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Why Get An Audivi Portrait?

To save a loved one's voice forever

Don’t underestimate the value of being able to listen to a loved one’s voice, again and again – forever! Research shows that when we hear the voice of someone we love, the physiological effect is similar to what we’d experience if we actually touched or hugged them. With an Audivi portrait, children can hear their parent’s voice forever; or parents can hear their children’s voice every day.

To take a trip down memory lane

Research shows that reminiscing about life has many beneficial outcomes: improving cognitive functioning, lowering rates of depressions & increasing a person’s sense of pride & accomplishment. An Audivi portrait offers this therapeutic trip down memory lane and a permanent place to revisit & re-experience the beneficial emotions of reminiscing day after day.

To build resilience in your kids & grandkids

Kids and grandkids will benefit from a family’s Audivi portrait. Researchers have found that children who know more about their families are more resilient and better able to moderate the effects of stress in their own lives. Let an Audivi portrait offer a permanent window into the ups and downs of your family’s trajectory.​

To create a 'meaningful' legacy

What is your legacy? Society has cultivated many resources & professionals to help individuals develop & transfer their financial legacy but, is that the most important part of a legacy? In one survey, 74% of respondents said that the most important thing to pass on to the next generation was “Values and life lessons”. An Audivi portrait can help with this by capturing your family’s words of wisdom, family stories & life lessons and keeping it accessible for generations to come.​

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Audivi Portraits

Audivi portraits are hosted on our website – with no annual fee – so that they remain accessible to everyone, wherever they are. Portraits can be posted publicly or password-protected, depending on individual preferences. 

Our process

There are two simple steps to getting an Audivi portrait: 

Capture the memories

Memories are captured through an audio-recorded  interview conducted by Audivi, a family member or an in-home caregiver. Interviews generally last between 30 min – 1.5 hrs. No preparation necessary.  Families who would like to capture memories for an Audivi portrait are encouraged to contact us for detailed instructions.

Select the images

Images include old photos, newspaper clippings, or other memorabilia that the family would like to save. Images can be pre-selected or chosen after the interview is completed. Audivi will generate a list of suggested images based on the interview. Photos can either be uploaded to directly to Audivi or scanned by Audivi.

Our pricing

Pricing depends on the portrait length and interview process. 

There are two portrait options:


Capturing a moment in time 

The Sketch portrait is based on a 30-minute interview. The final product displays between 10-20 memories & photos and  captures the essence of a time and the highlights of the memories/photos of that time. The Sketch describes a what it was like back in Italy or when a couple first met or what it was like to grow up and play in the streets of NYC. 

Cost: $500. 


Capturing stories from across a lifetime 

The Classic portrait is based on a 1-hour interview. The final product displays between 30-40 memories & photos but is not intended to be a full biography nor offer a chronological timeline of their life. The Classic showcases the ‘best of’ stories: about the extended family & relatives, growing up, becoming an adult, meeting a spouse or finding a profession.

Cost: $950. 

There are two interview options:


Sit down with your loved one and record a trip down memory lane

Families can conduct their own interview and receive a 20% discount on any portrait style. Please request Audivi’s “Interview Tip Sheet’ to ensure that the material can be converted to a portrait.


Let Audivi do the interview

Families can arrange for Audivi to visit their loved one and conduct the interview and gather the photos. 

Audivi pricing includes

  • Editing and splicing of the interview soundtrack into individual memories
  • Design & arrangement of the memories into chapters.
  • Integration of photos into portrait
  • Professional web-based portrait design
  • On-going maintenance and hosting of the portrait. Website hosting is provided through Audivi with no additional annual fee
  • All portraits are accessible through Audivi’s company page (see “Portraits” above) 

Other services:

  • Memories/photos can be added to a portrait: $200/10 additional memories/photos.
  • Photo scanning can be done by Audivi: $75/hour.
  • Interviews conducted by Audivi further than 30 miles from interviewers will incur an additional travel fee: $0.75/mile.  

Our story

There were 3 things that inspired me to create Audivi (Latin, for I heard).

  1. First of all, my mother, like most 88 year olds, has loads of great memories & stories from across her lifetime. We hear many of them again and again – and can cite some of them verbatim – but I know that won’t always be the case. As her memory fades, so will the stories. I worry that someday they will be gone – for her and for us.
  2. In addition, I saw my wedding video and was struck by my father’s voice. I realized it was the only place that we had a recording of him speaking. Even though we could hardly see him in the film, it didn’t matter. Hearing his voice transported me back to him.
  3. Finally, I have wondered how best to take care of my mother’s memorabilia: a letter from her father when she was young, a 1947 ticket for passage to Europe, old portraits of her great-great grandparents, and so much more. These items, tucked away in my mother’s desk drawer, are likely to be lost over time and are certainly under-appreciated even now.

And so I started Audivi: a place where memories, photos & voices can be captured, heard & enjoyed.

  • Rekindling memories
  • Remembering people
  • Reliving moments

I hope you won’t let the memories, photos, voice of your loved one fade. Capture them with an Audivi portrait – it will be a fun trip down memory lane for them and will save the memories (for them and you) for now and forever.

Kristin Nelson, CEO and Founder

Get an Audivi portrait now.

Send us an email to get started with a portrait now. Find out about capturing the memories of your loved one yourself or lining up an interview with Audivi. We can coordinate directly with the proposed Audivi subject or keep family members involved in the process. Whatever is easiest!

Feel free to email if you have questions about getting started. We will be happy to answer questions and walk you through the process.

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