Keeping memories accessible
even as memory fades

3 reasons to save memories:

Legacy for families

Audivi ensures that family stories are remembered for generations to come. Plus: our on-line platform ensures that they remain accessible to family, wherever they are.

Connection to caregivers

Caregivers can use Audivi memory banks to get to know clients. Listening to a memory bank with a client can help build connections, bridge cultural divides & improve care.

Comfort for memory loss

Similar to eyeglasses & hearing aids, memory banks can buttress loss: reinforcing memories & helping individuals stay connected to their past memories & emotions.

What our clients are saying:

Why save memories with Audivi?

To save a loved one's voice forever

Don’t underestimate the value of being able to listen to a loved one’s voice, again and again – forever! Research shows that when we hear the voice of someone we love, the physiological effect is similar to what we’d experience if we actually touched or hugged them. With an Audivi memory bank, children can hear their parent’s voice forever; or parents can hear their children’s voice every day.

To preserve a trip down memory lane

Research shows that reminiscing about life has many beneficial outcomes: improving cognitive functioning, lowering rates of depressions & increasing a person’s sense of pride & accomplishment. An Audivi memory bank offers this therapeutic trip down memory lane and a permanent place to revisit & re-experience the beneficial emotions of reminiscing day after day.

To build resilience in your kids & grandkids

Kids and grandkids will benefit from a family’s Audivi memory bank. Researchers have found that children who know more about their families are more resilient and better able to moderate the effects of stress in their own lives. Let Audivi offer a permanent window into the ups and downs of your family’s trajectory.

To create a 'meaningful' legacy

What is your legacy? Society has cultivated many resources & professionals to help individuals develop & transfer their financial legacy but, is that the most important part of a legacy? In one survey, 74% of respondents said that the most important thing to pass on to the next generation was “Values and life lessons”. Audivi can help with this by capturing your family’s words of wisdom, family stories & life lessons and keeping it accessible for generations to come.

Numbers of memory banks
Numbers of memories saved
Number of photos curated

Create a memory bank

The process is simple. Record a memory. Find an image. Audivi does the rest! 

Record a memory

Audio record a memory with your smartphone audio app, a voice recorder, FaceTime, or Zoom. Each memory should be no more than 3 minutes long. Up to 5 memories can be captured in a single recording.

Audivi memory banks are primarily voice-based in recognition of the transportative power of voice. In other words, when we hear someone’s voice, we are transported right back to them and that time. Audivi memory banks are intended not only to preserve the memories but to provide an immersive listening experience that makes the memories come alive.

No, as long as you have captured the memory in less than 3 minutes, we will take it from there. Audivi cleans up the recordings to delete repetition, delays, ‘ums’ and unrelated sidebars.

Select an image

Find an image related to the memory, the person, the place or the general time period. It does not need to be a perfect match nor the best photo. If no photos are available, Audivi can supply a stock photo to match the general storyline. 

Each audio story is accompanied by a single image. The image is not intended to illustrate the memory but rather is used to engage our eyes while our imagination is transported back in time by the voice. 

No. Each memory can only be paired with a single image. Audivi is creating audio-based memory banks, not photos albums. 

Audivi makes it come alive

Audivi edits the audio recordings into short, clean vignettes and combines them with the photos into an on-line personalized memory bank. Memory banks can be easily accessed by anyone at anytime – password protected or not.

Memories are a valuable resource that are being lost all the time. By creating an easy-to-use and easy-to access platform, Audivi hopes to help all of us continue to connect with the past: our memories and those of our family, friends and loved ones.

Our pricing

Families pay an initial fee for establishing a memory bank but pay a reduced fee to add memories over time. 

Create a memory bank

Capture a conversation in just 15 minutes
$ 50
  • Pricing is based on a 15-minute conversation that covers 5 questions.

On-going banking

Add to an existing memory bank
$ 40
  • Pricing is based on a 15-minute conversation that covers 5 questions.

Our story

There were 3 things that inspired me to create Audivi (Latin, for “I heard”).

  1. First of all, my mother has loads of great stories from across her lifetime. We hear many of them again and again – and can cite some of them verbatim – but I know that won’t always be the case. As her memory fades, so will the stories. I worry that someday they will be gone – for her and for us.
  2. In addition, I saw my wedding video and was struck by my father’s voice. I realized it was the only place that we had a recording of him speaking. Even though we could hardly see him in the film, it didn’t matter. Hearing his voice transported me back to him.
  3. Finally, I wondered how best to take care of my mother’s memorabilia: a letter from her father when she was young, a 1947 ticket for passage to Europe, old portraits of her great-great grandparents, and so much more. These items, tucked away in my mother’s desk drawer, are likely to be lost over time and are certainly under-appreciated even now. 

These would have been the sole drivers for the business until something unexpected happened: I played the memory profile for my mother (who has short-term memory loss) and, much to my surprise, experiencing the memories gave her great joy. It connected her to her past & to herself, and enabled her to revisit and re-experience her favorite memories again and again. Legacy preservation may be considered a luxury item in today’s society, but memory preservation should be standard of care for individuals losing their memory. Audivi is striving to make this a reality.


Please join Audivi in capturing the memories, photos, & voice of your loved ones. For them. For you. For their caregivers. For the future. The memories are too valuable to lose!

Kristin Nelson, MA, CDP

CEO and Founder

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