Creating audio-visual portraits for now and forever…

Audivi (Latin, for “I heard”) captures the stories of a lifetime: about grandparents, parents, childhood, education, professional & married life. Reflecting on the past enables individuals to weave together the chapters of life and be better prepared for the future. The benefits of a reminiscence activity are well documented and include, among other things: an increased sense of pride, accomplishment, control and happiness.

Audivi extends the benefits of reminiscing into the future by capturing and preserving the memories in an audio-visual “portrait”. The portrait can be revisited and enjoyed by the individual (and family) over time, providing on-going access to the memories, even as memory fades. In addition, the audio-visual portrait can be turned into numerous products that can be shared with caregivers, caregiver teams & retirement communities (staff and/or residents) to create connections, community and on-going reminiscence-based activities.

Audio: The interview

Interviews are conducted to elicit a person’s memories of growing up, going to school, etc. The conversation is captured through audiotape.

Visual: The images & memorabilia

A sampling of old photos, documents, letters, newspaper clippings, etc. are organized to help illustrate the stories from the interview.

An Audivi “Portrait”

Audivi combines the images with the edited audio “snippets” into a permanent Audivi portrait. Hear a person’s stories & see old photos in one accessible place.

 The benefits of an Audivi portrait are manifold: 


  • The interview process offers an enriching opportunity to reflect on a lifetime of experience & accomplishment. 
  • The Audivi portrait extends the interview’s therapeutic benefits by making the memories permanently available.
  • Families can continue to hear family stories through the Audivi portrait for generations to come.