Saving memories, voices, photos.

Audivi works with families to create a personalized website that saves memories, voices & photos for generations to come. Click through an Audivi site and hear a person’s stories told in their own voice and see old photos, memorabilia, letters, etc. from that time. The interactive website brings the memories to life and keeps the memories alive even as memory fades.

We conduct interviews to elicit a person’s stories & memories. The stories are audiotaped, edited into short audio clips, and arranged into chapters that reflect different time periods.

We curate memorabilia – old photos, documents, letters, newspaper clippings, whatever items available to the family –  and pair the images with the stories from the interviews.

We develop an interactive website that keeps everything in one easily accessible location. Click through an Audivi site, and hear a person’s stories or see old family memorabilia from that time.

Click here to see sample family memorabilia saved on an Audivi site