The Extended Family

Danny introduces us to his grandparents from Eastern Europe, his parents and their siblings in New York, and his older brother, Shep.

Caption: Front row: Danny, Uncle Leon, Aunt Gussie (father’s oldest sister); Grandfather Abner; Grandmother Anna; Aunt Ethel (father’s youngest sister); cousin Linda. Back row: Irving; Bea; Shep, Ethel’s sons Monroe and Donald; Aunt Hannah, Uncle Dave (father’s older brother); Uncle Jerry

Growing up

Hear Danny reminisce about growing up in Brooklyn in the 50's: life at home, in the streets of Lefferts Avenue, in his school, and the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO).

Formative Experiences

Growing up amidst the chaos of the 60s, Danny paints the picture of the times: the stories of the draft, the demonstrations, the friendships, the music, the travel and more.

A Legal Career

Drawn to law, underdogs, and injustice from an early age, Danny goes from Brooklyn College to Columbia Law School and pursues his path to becoming a lawyer.


Danny shares the story of his courtship and marriage to Karen.