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Reminiscing is known to offer many therapeutic benefits, such as improving mood, reducing depression, increasing sense of pride & accomplishment and even boosting health. Audivi offers an easy-to use platform to engage in reminiscing and to save the memories.

Join our webinar to discover how Audivi Memory Banks supports reminiscing and to learn effective strategies & practical tips to make the most of reminiscence activities for you and your family.

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It is easy to download Audivi and start saving memories for yourself or someone else. If you need help getting started, email We can walk you through the steps or can help create the memory bank. 

Watch this tutorial to learn about using Audivi’s app.

Gift the app to a friend

It is easy to send Audivi as a gift through the App Store (gifts are not available through Google Play Store) by following the directions below. You can also personalize your gift by printing and sending the Audivi Gift Card (click button).

  1. Open Audivi in App store on your iPhone.
  2. Click ‘Share/Upload’ button (top rt).
  3. Click ‘Gift App’ (bottom screen).
  4. Enter gift recipient email.
  5. Select date for gift to be sent.

Watch this tutorial to learn about gifting Audivi.

Buy a 5-pack

Gift Audivi to your clients, residents, or customers. Buy a 5-pack and we will provide on-boarding assistance to your gift recipients.

Email for more information.