The Audivi site about my mother has already become a family treasure. We learned more details about her life and now we have those stories recorded in her own voice. The site is presented beautifully and is easy to navigate. What a gift to us all!


When Kristin interviewed me, it was as if I was chatting with a good friend over a cup of coffee. She kept me on track with gentle questions and/or suggestions. I had some difficulty locating appropriate photos (I had just moved), and Kristin gave me all the time I needed, again no pressure. She is a superb editor, omitting extraneous information, but including details and stories of interest. The final result was stunning. How often does one hear one’s own voice? It’s a fabulous experience.


Words can’t express how thrilled I am with the Audivi site for my mom. You have done such a professional job. It is a treasure to have this information together – the photos, my mom’s voice and the history. I can’t wait to share this with the rest of my family.


I want to offer my deep appreciation for Herb’s Audivi site. I think of it often, and it, in turn, brings me to think of Herb and Liz at those times. There is so much there that gestures towards my own growing up. I have clear memories of Hutchinson Court, of the pigeon coop atop the next garage, of grandpa Mitch walking me to a pet store and hobby store. I remember Izzy and Rose – the Marpets – who were there also, through my early adolescence, and who spoke only Yiddish.

Nephew Richard

I’m fortunate to experience my mother-in-law in person, but hearing and seeing her through Audivi is an immersion into aspects of her life that remained hidden. What a joyful discovery!


This is such a beautiful way to pay tribute to family history. I love hearing Grace’s voice and her expressions and the details as only she can express them. So much fun seeing photos of the past and learning more about Jugger’s family too. This piece is so special and I think you are all to be commended for capturing this for all of us to see, enjoy and save.