Creating an Audivi Portrait

There are 3 steps for families interested in creating an Audivi portrait:

1. Capture the memories  

Memories are captured through an audiorecorded, in-person interview conducted by either Audivi, a family member or an in-home caregiver. Families and caregivers interested in conducting the interview should complete the form on the Contact page to receive detailed instructions, “Recording and Conducting an Interview”. Interviews generally last 1 – 1.5 hours and cover 4 chapters of a person’s life: The Extended Family (about grandparents & parents); Growing Up (about family life & friends); Going to College & Becoming a Professional (about college & work); Marriage & Raising a Family (about meeting a spouse and starting a family). Additional topics or favorite family stories may be suggested by the family. The intent is to cover stories from long ago that may be less well known to the family. 

2. Select the images

Images can be pre-selected or chosen after the interview is completed. Audivi will generate a list of suggested images based on the interview. Images can include old family photos, newspaper clippings, or other family memorabilia that the family would like to save. Audivi does not offer unlimited image storage but includes a curated selection of images that correspond to the stories. The number of images to be included depends on the choice of portrait option (see below). Families can upload the materials directly to the Audivi Dropbox  (image size: 500 KB – 1 MB) or mail them to Audivi to be scanned and uploaded, for an additional fee. All items will be returned to the family once they have been scanned and uploaded. 

3. Choose the best portrait format

Each of the portrait options combines the stories & images into a permanent format. Audivi portraits are accessible through Audivi’s webpage (see above, “Audivi Sites” page) and can be password-protected or not. Website hosting is provided through Audivi with no additional annual fee. Families are also given a USB drive of the portrait and can choose to host the portrait separately.

Audivi pricing includes: the interview and recording process; editing and splicing of the interview soundtrack into individual stories; design & arrangement of the stories into themes & chapters; integration of photos into the themes & chapters; professional web, slideshow or storybook design; and on-going maintenance and hosting of the site. Client-recorded interviews may or may not impact pricing, depending on the quality of the recordings.

An Audivi Site

An Audivi site is an interactive, personalized site of stories & images. Click through a site and hear a person’s stories (each between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long)  & see images that correspond with the stories. Websites can be abbreviated (capturing a handful of stories from a person’s life) or more extensive (offering more stories from each chapter): 

  • An Audivi Essentials Site is a single-page site that includes up to 15 stories & 10 images. Cost: $750.
  • A Classic Audivi Site is a multi-page site that includes up to 60 stories & 40 images arranged into 4 chapters, plus a homepage with an overview of the site. Cost: $2,500

An Audivi Short

An Audivi Short is a slideshow narrated by the individual about his/her life, a particular event or theme. The soundtrack from the interview is edited to include a handful of stories to match the photos available to the family or to follow a particular topic.

A Short is a great portrait for those who want to capture a limited number of stories or want to capture information about a particular theme (wartime, parenting, etc.). It is also useful for families or individuals who want to minimize technology but still be able to hear the voices: with Short, one can hit ‘play’, watch and listen.

  • An Audivi Short: $250

Add-on services and fees:

Interviews more than 30 miles from Concord, MA will incur an additional travel fee: $0.75/mile.

Scanning can be completed by Audivi for a fee of $25 for up to 10 photos.

Hard cover storybooks includes all the transcripts and photos from the Audivi Site. The cost is $1,500 for a Classic Audivi site storybook although price may vary depending on site and story length. An estimate can be given after an Audivi site is complete.

Password protection of an Audivi Site or Audivi Short: $50.